“ENERGY in BUILDINGS” is an established International Conference that will take place for the 6th consecutive year on Saturday October 21, 2017, in Athens Hellas.

The Conference is organised by the ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter in collaboration with the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).

It brings together Engineers, Architects, Academia and Professionals of different disciplines that contribute and advance the state of art of the built environment. Information and videos from the previous conferences can be found at the Hellenic Chapter’s website (

The official language of the Conference is English.

The conference Program is available HERE

Saturday October 21, 2017

The objective of this session is to provide an opportunity to exchange views on key areas of lighting, to present progress in technology and to discuss current and future challenges and perspectives. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: Lighting Technology, Sources, Luminaires, Controls, Calculations & Measurements, Energy Efficiency & Economics, Standards & Legislation, Daylight Design & Control, Architecture Lighting, Lighting in Antiquity, Illumination of Archaeological Sites, Monuments & Museums, Human Aspects of Lighting.

Wyndham Grand Athens Hotel
Meg. Alexandrou 2, Athina 104 37

October 21, 2017


Thomas H. Phoenix, P.E.

ASHRAE, Presidential Member, ASHRAE Fellow, LEED Accredited Professional

Improving Building Performance

Nikolaos Milis

Vice President, Technical Chamber of Greece

Welcome Address Speech

Dr. Constantinos A. Balaras

Mechanical Engineer, FASHRAE, Research Director, Group Energy Conservation, Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens, Greece

Practical Impact Assessment of Weather Data on Calculated Energy Performance of a Residential Hellenic Building

Dr. Chandra Sekhar

ASHRAE Fellow, Programme Director School of Design and Environment National University of Singapore

Decoupled Ventilation Strategies for Enhanced IAQ – “Demand Cooling” and “Demand Ventilation”

Dr. Olga Rio Suarez

Civil Engineer, Research Policy Officer, European Commission, DG. Research and Innovation, D3. Advances Materials and Technologies

Horizon 2020. Work Programme for Research & Innovation 2018-2020

Aleksandar Andjelkovic

Assistant professor, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

SENSO - An Intelligent Answer for Indoor Environmental Quality Performance Control


Nohad Boudani

Technical Manager at SODICOM SAL, Beirut, Lebanon

Challenges in Passive Buildings Design

Maria Danilatou

Architect Engineer, NTUA, M.Arch Bartlett_UCL UK,  DGNB Auditor, Senior Architect Engineer at BRIGHT SPECIAL LIGHTING S.A.

Sustainable Lighting Practices and Lighting Technologies. Case Study: Office Buildings

Christos Gekas

Mechanical Engineer, NTUA, AE Academy Supervisor, LG Electronics, Athens, Greece

Energy Saving and Comfort Level Optimization Through Relative Humidity Sensing in Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems



Zacharias Hadjigeorgiou

Mech Engr, MASHRAE, Owner, Managing Director, Technical Manager  of HeatFlow Group of Companies, Nicosia , Cyprus

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. Presentation of a Case Study & Design ‘Soft’ Elements of a HVAC Project can be Critical to Reach a Nearly Zero Energy  Building

Dr. Samir R. Traboulsi

Senior Lecturer at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, General Manager of Thermotrade SAL, Managing Director of RANEC SARL

Waiting for the Net Zero Energy Buildings? 

Atsonios Ioannis

Ph.D. (c), School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Experimental and Numerical investigation of the Energy Efficiency of a Lightweight Steel Framed Building Incorporating Vacuum Insulation Panels


Dr. Evangelos Bellos

Post-doctoral researcher in the School of Mechanical Engineering at National Technical University of Athens

Thermodynamic investigation of an innovative solar driven trigeneration system ideal for the building sector

Paula van den Brom

TU Delft / Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, OTB – Research for the Built Environment

Dynamic versus Steady State Building Simulations – Preliminary Analysis of an Energy Performance Gap analysis

Kalliopi (Popi) Droutsa

M.Sc. Environmental Physisist, Research Assistant at Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens, Greece

Developments of the Hellenic Regulation on the Energy Performance of Buildings

Faidra Filippidou

Mechanical Engineer, MSc, PhD (c), PhD Researcher at Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands

Energy Renovations in the Existing Housing Stock – Reassessing the Savings Based on Actual Energy Consumption

Ilia Lampro

MSc Mechanical Engineer, Technical adviser at Toyota, Athens, Greece

Comparative Study of HVAC Systems in an Office Building in Greece based on Energy Simulations

Aris Manolitsis

Research assistant at Laboratory of Heterogeneous Mixtures and Combustion Systems at National Technical University of Athens

Techno-Economic Analysis of Deep Renovation for a Typical Residential Multi-Storey Building

Dimitris Mantelis

MSc. Mechanical Engineer, Junior Researcher at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Athens, Greece

Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems: Integration and Performance Evaluation in Real Site Application at NTUA Premises

Theodora Mavridou

Chartered Architect, MA, Ph.D. (c)

Investigating the Role of Three Types of Horizontal Openings in Industrial Buildings Concerning Exploitation of Daylight and Optical Comfort

Georgios Mitsopoulos

Mechanical Engineer, Dipl., Msc., MBA, Ph.D. (c)

The insulation thickness as a design parameter in Greek climate


Christopher Paitazoglou

Dipl.-Ing., Member of the scientific staff at the Technical University of Berlin

Energy Efficient Cooling with New Absorption Chiller Technology in Solar Cooling Systems and CHPC-Plants

Antonis Papanikolaou

Project Manager at HYPERTECH S.A., Athens, Greece

A Holistic Demand Flexibility Profiling Framework for the energy management environment

Arash Rasooli

PhD researcher, TU Delft, OTB-Onderzoek voor de gebouwde omgeving, Section DWK  - Housing Quality and Process Innovation

Energy and Comfort Monitoring in Existing Buildings – A Measurement Campaign of 150 Dutch Dwellings

Konstantinos Sentzas

Civil Engineer / Technical Special Consultant at Municipality of Deskati (WM)

A Hybrid Life Cycle Analysis Method for the Environmental Assessment of Conventional Building Materials

Konstantinos Tsatsakis

Project Manager at HYPERTECH S.A., Athens, Greece

An Enhanced Human - Centric Performance Framework Towards Promoting Behavioural Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Dr. Dimitris Tsiamitros

Electrical & Computer Engineer, Assistant Professor at Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences (TEIWM)

New ICT Infrastructure for the Efficient Energy Management in Buildings in the Framework of the Smart Grids Trend

Dr. Dimitris Tsiamitros

Electrical & Computer Engineer, Assistant Professor at Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences (TEIWM)

A Hybrid Life Cycle Analysis Method for the Environmental Assessment of Conventional Building Materials 

Dr. Marco Arnesano

Researcher at Università Politecnica delle Marche

Innovative technologies for Improved Built Environment and Energy Efficiency

Jorge Corker

Project Manager and Head of the Unity of Characterization and Certification of Granular Materials (UGRAN) at Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Coimbra, Portugal

Development of a Novel Façade Panel with Nano-insulation Properties for Energy Efficient Buildings

Dr. Brice Fiorentino

Innovation Manager at ENERSENS, Bourgoin-Jallieu, France

The HomeSkin Pproject : Pre-Industrial Development of Super-Insulating Material and Systems

Dr. Michael Fooken

Head of Research & Development quick-mix GmbH& Co. KG, Osnabrück, Germany

Wall Ace - Novel wall insulation systems

Benjamin Heiz

M.Sc., Dipl.-Ing., Research associate at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany

Ultrathin fluidic Laminates for Thermodynamically Active Windows and Large-Area Facade Systems

Dr Glikeria Kakali

Professor in National Technical University of Athens, NTUA

Green Integrated Structural Elements for Retrofitting and New Construction of Buildings

Dr. Chrysanthi Panagiotopoulou

Senior Researcher at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Athens, Greece

Development of Insulating Concrete Systems Based on Novel Low CO₂ Binders for a New Family of Eco-Innovative, Durable and Standardized Energy Efficient Envelope Components

Konstantina Papakonstantinou

PhD (c) and researcher at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Athens, Greece

Towards Greener and Energy Efficient Buildings: The SUS-CON Project



Nadia Sid

Senior Project leader at TWI Ltd 

Development and Demonstration of Highly Insulating, Construction Materials from Bio-derived Aggregates

Christoph Sprengard

Building- and Civil Engineer, Head of Department R&D, FIW München, Munich, Germany

Vacuum-Insulation-Panels (VIPs) for Buildings – From Research into Market

Alkis Triantafyllopoulos

President, ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter
B.Sc., M.Sc., Mechanical Engineer, MENERGA GmbH

Heat Recovery, Enthalpy Economizers, Applicability and Limitations

Aris Τsangrassoulis

Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, University of Thessaly

Solar Gains Control and Building's Energy Balance

Stefanos Gaitanos

Mechanical Engineer, AHI Carrier SEE Air-Conditioning S.A.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems: A Comparison of the Initial and Recurring System Operating Costs

Cristiano Dal Seno

Mechanical Engineer, Air Side Business Developer, Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A.

Commission Regulation (EU) n°1253/2014 - Eco-Design Requirements for Ventilation Units 

Alessio Scantamburlo

Energy Engineer, Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A.

Smart Heat Pumps for High Efficiency, Low Carbon 4-Pipe Hydronic Plants

Leonidas Vergos

Electrical Engineer NTUA, Project Developer at Sirecled SA

Greek Highway & Tunnel Innovative LED lighting Projects

Dr. Lambros Doulos

Researcher, Photometry Lab, National Technical University of Athens, Adjunct Professor, Hellenic Open University, School of Applied Arts, Greece

Harvesting Daylight in a Classroom, the Case Study of Leontios School

Dr. Lambros Doulos

Researcher, Photometry Lab, National Technical University of Athens, Adjunct Professor, Hellenic Open University, School of Applied Arts, Greece

Energy Saving Potential by Retrofitting the Artificial Lighting System in the Typical Classroom in Greece

Evaggelia Anthopoulou

School of Applied Arts, Hellenic Open University, Patra, Greece

Energy Efficient Lighting in Existing National Motorways. The Case Study of Egnatia Odos

Thanos Balafoutis

Architect, Lighting Designer MA, PhD Candidate, Researcher, Hellenic Open University, School of Applied Arts, Greece

Lighting Design Simulation Programs Comparison


Georgia Christodoulaki

Interior Architecture, Decoration & Design, MA Lighting Design & Multimedia

The contribution of Lighting in the Citizens’ Feeling of Safety and the Influence on Criminality in Municipality of Athens

Christos Grigoropoulos

Electrical Engineer, IT Administrator, Department Of Pharmacy , Patra’s University 

Sustainability in Lighting Design and Lamps. Early Results from the Case Study in Greek Households

Yolanda Sofia Lampiri

Electrical Engineer Graduate, Lighting Designer MA

Urban Network Road Lighting Optimization as Regards to the Needs and Reactions of Users, Driving Safety and the Environment Impact

Dimitrios Iliadis

Dipl. Electrical Engineer, MA

Adaptive Street Lighting and Control Protocols for Urban Streets Using the Revised Street Lighting Standard EN 13201 The Case Study of V. Olgas Avenue, Thessaloniki

Nikos Palatzoglou

Electrical Engineer, Lighting Designer

The Negative Contribution of Lighting Proposals on the Facades of Buildings and Signs in the Urban Landscape. The Role of Excessive Luminance Distributions

Aikaterini Skalkou

 Architect, Lighting Designer (MSc AUTH, MPhil NTUA, MA HOU)

Architectural and Theatrical Lighting: an exploration of the relationship


Meletis Theodorakakos

Electrical Engineer, Teacher, Serres, Greece 

Analysis of Behavior and Interaction of Students Concerning the Conditions of Daylight in School Buildings

Mary Tzortzi

Architect Engineer NTUA,  Lighting Designer EAP

The Impact of the Color Temperature of Lighting in the Rendering of Artworks

Pinelopi Zacharopoulou

Electrical Engineer and Computer Technology, MA Lighting Design & Multimedia

Improvement of Artificial Lighting within the Contemporary Greek Residence

Ioannis Karatasios

Architectural Conservation and Materials Science BSc, PhD, Researcher C’, Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens, Greece

Thermal Insulating Renders for the Renovation of Traditional Architecture

Dr. Aleksandar Anđelković

Assistant professor, University of Novi Sad, Serbia


Young Engineers (YEA) in ASHRAE and Industry - Responsibilities and Challenges


WORKSHOP 1) Research and Innovation Activities in Nanotechnology Concerning Energy Efficient Buildings • • • WORKSHOP 2) Air to Air Heat Exchangers • • • WORKSHOP 3) Solar Gains Control and Building's Energy Balance